Special “Bridge” Homes

Special Homes Unaccompanied MinorsUnaccompanied Minors

Children from foreign countries who are in the U.S. as a direct result of fleeing whatever they came from.  They are part of a “system” in that our government knows about them and has programs in place to help.

Special Homes - Undocumented MinorsUndocumented Minors

These children have also fled from their country in hopes of finding something better…hope…a future…something that is normal…a family, food, shelter, education…something.

Special Homes - Abused and NeglectedAbused and Neglected

Abused and neglected children who are at risk in their biological family. They sometimes need a safe place for a day and other times for a few months while their family situation gets the help they need.

Special Homes - Disrupted AdoptiveDisrupted Adoptive or Foster Placements

Children who really want to be loved but have not found a way to demonstrate that in positive ways.  It takes time.  It takes understanding and it often takes a lot of outside help in therapy and support services.

Special Homes - TeensTeens

Teens who have “phased out” of foster care are at high risk for destructive and criminal behaviors unless others help.  They need a family willing to teach them independent living skills; to be a “sounding board” and listen to their problems; to offer guidance and a new way of coping; to be a support, a soft place to fall, a non-judgmental safe environment filled with compassion which was a rarity in their childhood; to help them find a job, further education and eventually a new place to live.

  • Foreign Students – what a wonderful opportunity to share your love, culture and family!  These are high school age who are here for a school year.  ICA calls this program GAP.
  • Foster Children in family homes in a foreign country supported by the local church.
  • Teens who are experiencing a crisis pregnancy.

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