ICWA Indian Child Adoptions

Domestic - ICWA Indian ChildIt is estimated that 5.2 million people in the U.S. are Native American Indians and Alaskan Natives. We understand those estimates to be those who are registered in federally recognized tribes. So the number is substantially greater. Native American Indian children suffer the highest rate of victimization, alcoholism, suicide and poverty. Out of 1000 kids who enter into California’s foster system, 7.8% are Native American/Alaskan Native. The question which still remains is how many unreported or undeclared cases of Native American Indian children are in the State’s social service systems. We estimate those numbers to be much greater. Per national averages, well over 80% of Native American Indian children are placed in non-native homes.

ICA seeks to find Native American Indian families for native children in the foster care and adoption programs. You may be a relative or extended “family”. Two types of adoptions can occur: customary or relinquishments and court processing. ICA’s foster to adoption ICWA program allows you as a family to provide a foster home for a child from the county system with the intention of adoption later, or in some cases an adoption is planned with a birth mother and birth father who choose to place their child/ren for adoption. ICA’s preference is always to place a child within the same tribe. Once that is exhausted, ICA will look to families outside the tribe.