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There are over 151,000,000 orphans in the U.S. and abroad and the sad truth is that most will never be adopted. Many children are in foster care, transitional, residential or institutional care. Many are refugees fleeing from war and suffering in their home country. Many have been trafficked, abused and neglected. With this reality, we want to provide opportunities for orphans to have: healthcare, counseling, education, job skills/life skills and a loving environment. With the help of your donation today, ICA can have a deep impact in the life and well-being of a child. Our services are faith driven, child and family focused, resulting in restored souls full of hope.

Your Donation Will Benefit A Child In Many Ways
  • For a $250 donation a trafficked child will receive legal assistance
  • For a $230 donation a child will receive therapeutic trauma counseling once a week for 8 weeks
  • For a $210 donation a child will receive one month of free education through our Learning Center
  • For a $200 donation an unborn child’s mother will be assisted in housing, medical and counseling  services
  • For a $100 donation a child be be given an opportunity of a family home
  • For a monthly donation of $40 a child will receive tutoring and mentoring through our Learning Center
  • For a donation of any amount a child can receive a permanent home through adoption

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