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In The Waiting

written by Sarah Cathryn One of the most difficult aspects of adoption is waiting. As a culture we are so used to instant answers and clear pictures readily available to us. One click and you can get the answer to nearly any fact checking question you have. Now, if you want to know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop you can google it and find out! Adoption is the opposite of that. At least at times it feels that way. I am a type A person. I thrive on schedules and order. Maybe this is why God gave me seven children. He really wanted to make sure I didn’t hold too tightly to my own way of having things. And even more importantly, He wanted me to depend on Him and Him alone. When we started our adoption process I was in my element. Fill out forms, check! Prepare my house, check! Buy a fire extinguisher, check! Attend a class, check! Get fingerprinted, check! Attend another class, check! Lock up my cleaning supplies and medications, check! Attend yet another class, no problem, check! You can see why [...]

ICA Closes Out Another Empowered to Connect

This month, ICA was thrilled to once again host the Empowered to Connect simulcast at Calvary Chapel Murrieta. With both repeat attendees and new faces, as well as some brand new ETC content, participants were challenged, encouraged, and given the opportunity to be stretched in new directions.   The Empowered to Connect Conference is a two day event presented by Show Hope and the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development. It strives to equip families, churches, and professionals to better serve children impacted by adoption and foster care. The end goal of ETC is to bring attachment and connection within the family. We asked a few attendees to briefly share some some of their favorite tidbits that they gleaned from the conference.   Michael and Trisha are just beginning the adoption process. They loved how the speakers placed the focus on the relationship with the child rather than allowing discipline to be the sole focus. "I was convicted, challenged, and encouraged", says Michael. They felt that that tools presented will benefit them with any future adoptive children as well as their biological children.   Jeff and Krystle are in the process of adopting and attended ETC to complete self-training hours. [...]

Rose Again Foundation – Caring for Children in Murrieta, Temecula, & Around the World

Rose Again Foundation was founded in May 2013 by high school senior Natalie Dixon. Moved by what she saw on mission trips to Mexico and Guatemala, she was resolute in her desire to be a solution to the world orphan crisis. Since its founding, Rose Again Foundation has worked to improve the health, wellness, education, and self esteem of abused, abandoned, and neglected foster children in the Temecula and Murrieta area, as well as to the five orphans they sponsor in Kenya. They have partnered with ICA on numerous occasions to bless both children and families. Thanks to the love and generosity of Rose Again Foundation, ICA foster families have received Christmas gifts. Foster children have been gifted swim lessons, basketball camp scholarships, guitar lessons, drama summer camp scholarships, and archery lessons. In addition, Rose Again has benevolently been a sponsor of ICA's Family Appreciation events at Mulligan's, and the Lake Elsinore Storm. Rhonda Reinke, CEO of the Rose Again Foundation, says "Serving God's children has been a blessing to myself, my family, and our amazing volunteer board members Jeff and Natalie Dixon, Craig Shadle, Kristen Hufford, Suzanne Bailey and Wendy Gorham. We have served over 200 local foster children [...]

Empowered to Connect is Changing Families

Last spring, ICA was privileged to be able to host its very own Empowered To Connect Simulcast at Calvary Chapel, Murrieta. ETC is designed to help adoptive and foster parents, ministry leaders and professionals better understand how to connect with “children from hard places” in order to help them heal and become all that God desires for them to be. Featuring Dr. Karyn Purvis, this two day event is made for parents, whether children are biological or adopted, as well as those serving and supporting, such as social workers, agency professionals, church staff and ministry leaders, counselors, and therapists. This April, ICA will once again be hosting a live simulcast. The testimonies from families that attended last years event have proven ETC to be a priceless resource. Gina and her husband attended ETC last year. After a difficult eight year season, they found that they were struggling to stay connected to their children. Both adopted at birth, they are now sixteen and nine. "We were grasping at straws, using typical consequences. Nothing worked. There was such a wall up. We were talking at our children, but not being received. Things were getting worse", Gina said. After attending ETC things began to [...]

Welcome Home USA Gives Children in the Foster System the Opportunity to Shine

This summer four families participated in Welcome Home USA. The program provides children in the foster system the opportunity to stay with a host family for one week. In that week they participate in activities, learn new skills, and interact with host families. This year, three boys and two girls were able to be a part of Welcome Home. During the week they were with host families, they attended daily meetings where they participated in ice-breaking activities, like the M&M game. This game gave the children the opportunity to become more comfortable with speaking out loud through the answer of questions associated with the color of M&M's. Games like Nose Dive provided many giggles, as children used Vaseline on their nose to transport cotton balls. In addition to meeting and game times, the children attended a pool party at a host family's home, and had their first bowling experience. They also got to spend a day riding an ATV, petting goats, feeding chickens, and admiring bunnies at a day camp put on by Mountainside Ministries. Each weekday, the children worked on personal Lifebooks. The Lifebook gave them the opportunity to document their likes, dislikes, feelings, as well as the story [...]

ICA Offers Presentations to Churches, Organizations in the Community

James 1:27 Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction... International Christian Adoptions is driven by the Biblical mandate to care for orphans. The needs of orphaned children know no end, and ICA is always looking for people to with a heart for orphaned children to invest in their ministry. Did you know that: Every 20 seconds another child is orphaned Every day 5,760 children over the age of 4 become orphaned 143,000,000 orphans in the world today spend an average of 10 years in an orphanage or foster care system 14,050,000 will grow up as orphans and “age out” of a system Every 2.2 seconds another orphan “ages out” In many countries, 15% commit suicide before age 18 In many countries, 60% – 70% are trafficked The statistics are staggering, and the need to help these children is overwhelming. International Christian Adoptions exists to support people as they pursue adoption, as well as the many other means to help these children. Members of the ICA staff regularly give presentations at churches, events, Bible studies, small groups, schools, and organizations. These presentations discuss the different programs offered by [...]

Welcome Home Has Been Changing Lives for Over 20 Years

Welcome Home is a program at ICA that brings families together in a unique way. Through the years the program has grown, shifted, and adjusted, but the overall idea remains the same; orphaned children from different countries visit the United States. While here, they are placed with host families for three to six weeks. Upon their arrival, they are lovingly welcomed as treasured guests, shown the sights and landmarks of the United States, taught about the God who made and loves them, all with the ultimate hope of finding them an adoptive family. Over the years, countless children, many of whom were likely to remain orphaned because of their age, have been placed with forever families. Meet the Marinucci family. They adopted one daughter at birth and had always hoped to adopt again. Wife and mom, Laura, recalls the series of events that led to their involvement in Welcome Home: "We were one of the families who benefited from someone else hosting. We were unaware of the program until my best friend’s daughter attended a bible study at the home where the girls were staying. Unexpectedly that same day we received an inheritance check in the mail. I was chatting [...]