America’s Orphans

Domestic Adoptions - America's OrphansIf you are considering adopting a baby we have two types of programs for you; New Beginnings and America’s Orphans. If you are okay with a baby who is drug exposed, drug addicted or special needs, consider the America’s Orphans program. If you want an infant as healthy as possible, New Beginnings is the program for you. You will have the opportunity to meet the birth parents and receive as much social/medical information as possible so you can make an informed decision. Adopting is a process and often an exciting and fulfilling one! Being prepared is the key. You will be loved and supported here!

All children in the America’s Orphans programs are in county social services systems, photo listings from private and public agencies, listings by older child adoption advocates or other sources. These children deserve special families because they are special too! The types of children available in this program are:

  • Sib Sets
  • Multi-ethnic
  • Babies- drug exposed/addicted
  • Older (ages 4 and up)
  • Special Needs

Some of ICA’s services within the America’s Orphans programs are specialized. Some have restrictions because of laws or regulations or because of parameters outlined by ICA’s partners. The types of children available in these services are:

  • Tribal (“Native American Indian”) – ICA looks for same tribe families
  • African American – ICA needs families of same ethnicity
  • Latino – ICA needs families for larger sib groups
Benefits of our America’s Orphans Adoptions program:
  • You can meet the child and spend time with the child ahead of time in most cases
  • The program is FREE with some small reimbursable costs
  • You receive a Financial stipend (in most cases) – until the child is 18 years
  • Medical care is free (in most cases)
  • Free counseling support

Nationwide 463,000 children live in foster care.

In California, which has the largest number of foster children, the number tripled. Only 120,000 are adopted each year. Over 20,000 children in California wait to be adopted each year and these numbers continue to climb.

Approximately 25,000 children “age out” of the U.S. foster system every year; 25% will become homeless (percentage is greater in some areas); 56% of those emancipated enter unemployment; 27% end up jailed; 30% become pregnant; a significant percentage commit suicide before 18; a significant number are trafficked.