Our Mission

ICA - Our MissionInternational Christian Adoptions (ICA) believes in the sanctity of life in that all children born and unborn are valued and uniquely made. Our overriding mission is to offer children:

  • HOPE in the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.
  • HOPE for basic needs.
  • HOPE for an education and bright future.
  • HOPE for a home in a family they can call their own.

This mission is fulfilled through adoption, foster care, humanitarian aid, counseling and support.

Our Story

ICA - Our StoryICA became licensed in 1990…but began long before that. It grew out of a desire to make a difference in the lives of children and families.  ICA became a very unique mission unlike any other “adoption agency”.  Believing strongly in doing all programs for the best interest of children, ICA discovered that the “best interest” may be foster care, residential care or to remain in a well-supported and maintained orphanage.  We simply cannot find a home for all orphans though we must offer many other support services including humanitarian aid, peace trips (working mission trips in U.S. and abroad), counseling services and networking with other organizations so help can be maximized.  ICA became Hague accredited in 2008.

International Christian Adoptions is a:

  • Non-Profit, licensed adoption and foster family agency: providing the adoptive triad (birth parents, adoptive parents, and children) with compassionate and caring services.
  • Foster family agency: providing compassion and relief services to foreign and domestic orphanages as well as, the children in domestic residential facilities. Relief services include goods delivered as well as foreign exchange programs, transition homes and micro businesses.
  • Counseling and support center: providing support groups and counseling services for birth parents, adopted children, adoptive parents, foster children and foster parents. ICA is staffed by qualified, well-trained Christian professionals.
  • Family training center: providing classes to prepare the adoptive and foster families for the special development or emotional challenges that accompany children from institutional care. We provide ongoing support for the adoptive family and the children they are parenting including support groups and pre/post placement.

Our Covenant

  • ICA - Our CovenantPromote and secure the emotional, spiritual and physical welfare of children who have been victimized, abandoned or persecuted; found in the streets, war zones, government run institutions, refugee camps or family homes.
  • Actively engage in providing immigration and refugee resettlement services to those fleeing persecution, war, oppression and poverty.
  • To provide an environment of peaceful and humanitarian exchange to foreign students and those who go abroad.
  • To offer an environment where hard working artisans can be paid a fair wage and be given the dignity of self determination through fair trade.
  • To provide opportunities for orphans to experience culture and sense of family with camps to America and in their country.
  • To widen the horizons of Americans by sending them to foreign countries to experience differing cultures through a myriad of work projects, camps and activities.
  • Maintain a Hague compliant licensed child placement agency under a different name in accordance with the laws of the State of California in order to provide temporal foster care and adoptive placement.
  • Maintain several programs to enhance ICA’s mission which is not limited to but includes immigration and refugee resettlement services; foreign student exchange program; fair trade; cultural camps; mission programs and tours, and other social service programs.