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Adoptions in TAIWAN

Country of Taiwan

Partial Services – Estimated Fees
Full Services – Estimated Fees

Family Requirements

Age: At least 25 Years old and 20 years older than the child.

Marriage: At least three years. One divorce accepted.

Children in the home: No limit.

Health: Physical/Mental Health Conditions: a doctor’s letter of approval is required.

Religion: Be able to provide a pastoral letter.

Criminal record: See ICA requirements. Country may not accept any past record.

Income: Meet standards given by the State of residency and USCIS

Country Information

Travel: One, sometimes two to three trips by both parents.

Residency requirements: No residency requirements, though family must meet the child before adoption.

Cost: Varies. See pilot program fee statement.

Wait time: Contact ICA for current wait times; approximately 1 to 2 years.

Children available

Age of children: 2 years old and up; availability greater in ages 6 and up.

Special needs: Multiple siblings, older children and children with minor to significant physical and mental special needs.