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Adoptions in BULGARIA

Country of Bulgaria

Partial Services – Estimated Fees
Full Services – Estimated Fees

Adoptive Parent Regulations

Income: Must meet USCIS Poverty Guidelines and demonstrate sufficient income for household size.

Age & Marital Status: 25 and up. Parents must be at least 15 years older than the child to be adopted, and no more than 45 years older.

Marriage: Minimum of 3 year at the time of dossier submission to Bulgaria. No restrictions
for previous divorces.


  • Single woman for female child accepted.
  • Children at home accepted with documentation of sufficient resources to care for additional children.

Processing Time & Travel

  • After a dossier is submitted, it takes 2 or more years to receive a referral for children age 6 or under; for Waiting Children, it can take significantly less time.
  • There are 3-6 months between referral and placement.
  • The adoption is finalized in Bulgaria.
  • Post-Adoption placement visits and reports are required at arrival, 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months
  • Two trips are required. The first is 6–9 days, the second 9–11 days.